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couple of days. during the week however it will get colder and colder. >> not colder, cooler. >> yes. everything is relative. let's look at what is happening right now. temperatures are ready near 60 degrees, which is right around the seasonal norm. a 30% chance for showers early in the day. in this afternoon, the sunshine will come out, and it will get warm. a high temperature of 85 degrees this afternoon after that chance for showers early this morning. when we come back in a few minutes, we will check the seven-day forecast. let's say good morning to sarah and see how things are rolling on the roads. >> good morning, everyone. we are dealing with a problem near the airport. aviation boulevard is shut down
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at amtrak way due to a multi- vehicle crash. take ridge road over to stony road. in terms of other problems, and water main break at chartres street. the j.f.x. is looking good. other major roadways also looking good. nine minute ride on 895 south. here is a live view of traffic. york road in harrisburg expressway, no problems to report. an easy ride on the west side so far as liberty road. back to you. >> our big story this morning, breaking news overnight. the deadly mine explosion in western virginia. >> 25 have been killed, making it the deadliest accident in more than 25 years.
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they will continue to search for the remaining four missing miners. here are the late breaking details. >> overnight, the news from this west virginia mine only got worse. 25 have been confirmed dead. it was after a massive composure -- explosion. rescue teams poured into the remote areas in the west virginia mountains. >> we have seen a bunch of rescue teams go by. >> crews are pushing through the rubble after the blast, ultimately confirming the fears of so many waiting above ground. adding to their frustration, words that the effort to find four more miners has been put on hold. the condition inside the shaft is too dangerous to continue their search. >> if another explosion had occurred, we would have lost 50 rescuers.
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it would have been something unfathomable. >> all we can do as a community is come together and pray. we are all coal mining families. >> families that understand the real dangers of the job. they have no way of coping with what has happened here. nbc news, west virginia. >> tiger woods will get in a few more practice rounds today after taking a break yesterday afternoon to address the press. >> welcome back, tiger. >> the most asked question was about his religion in with a doctor accused of providing numerous athletes with corfam at enhancing drugs. tiger woods denied -- athletes with performing enhancing drugs. tiger was denied any use of such substances. >> it is about how you live your
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life. what i have done over the past few years has been terrible for my family. >> he was denied to share the reason he was in therapy. he is in a destitute when, and is having fun. >> the n.c.a.a. basketball champions. a long-distance three-point shot was missed at the buzzer. the bulldogs were beaten. the other team won the first title since 2001. 11 sports will join as a little later in the newscast with highlights and reaction. it was a sad loss for cardinals who went up against their arch rival. the most anticipated games s. knight took place on paper ruth field. -- it was the most anticipated game that took place last night on baby ruth field.
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the players put on their red uniforms. >> it is sad. there is nothing like this. >> i will miss the big crowd of next year. >> cardinal gibbons will meet st. joseph's again before the end of the season. >> a fallout with congress could cost toyota a hefty fine. the government wants the company to pay after failing to disclose information about all to gas pedals. they will pay a record $16.4 million. executives are probably thinking less about what is in their bank accounts and more about what a fine could do to their image. correct toyota knew back sean -- on -- >> toyota the back on
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september 29 about the pedals. >> we will have more on the possible funds coming up. >> in session 2010, it is down the next few days for legislators to battle on the floor. only 43 pieces of legislation has passed. jennifer franciotti is live with details on bills still on the floor. >> it is going to be a very busy week. a lot of unfinished business. the house has passed 15 pieces of legislation. the senate has passed 28. they will resume debate on ninth gang bill. some believe the definition -- debate on the a gang bill. some believe the definition is too broad. they also will look at cell
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phone bills. the senate is trying to decide on pieces of sex offender legislation. the want to close a loophole and that occurred after one child was killed last christmas. neither chamber has had an opportunity to discuss allowing marijuana to be used for medical purposes. and a process remains unresolved. the budget has not been worked out either. we will have more on that coming up for you. back to you. >> the decision to allow access to alternative sexual lifestyle residence on school computers is not sitting well with one legislator. rick sent a letter saying he does not approve of the decision. they are agreed to allow a legitimate content for educational purposes, while
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continuing to of block certain material. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. do you think students should be allowed to alternative sexual lifestyle programming for educational purposes? email us your response to >> a popular but unusual sport that is gaining worldwide attention. we will introduce you to that. >> a mother and son survive a horrific attack in chicago after the young son scares off an attacker. >> more on a waffle iron? nooo. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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>> welcome back. temperatures around 60 degrees in the suburbs.
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there is a slight chance you could run into a brief shopper. it will be a dry and warm day. some light showers in the mountains right now. 30% chance you will run into something at the start of your day. sunshine this afternoon. high temperature at 85 degrees. we will take a look at the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. back over to the news desk. >> thanks. an 11 year-old boy and his mom are back at home after surviving a brutal attack inside of their chicago home. at about 1:00 in the morning, a stranger came into their apartment with a knife. i'm into the mother's bed. the son heard a scream and fought the attack. both suffered stab wounds. the attacker fled. the mother calls her son a hero. >> a brush fire in new mexico scars -- scorches dozens of
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acres. 50 acres have burned. flames are not posing a threat to any structures. some were evacuated out of precaution. about 40% of the fire has been contained. the cost is under investigation. >> is the housing market making a comeback? >> if you are planning a summer vacation, it could cost a lot more to book that flight. >> if you are in route to the airport, and accent with multiple vehicles. multiple vehicles. we will update you on
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>> i think a majority of people will be playing hooky today. >> some early-morning problems. an accident near the airport. multiple vehicles involved near rte. 70, aviation boulevard and amtrak way. take ridge road tuesday any -- stony road and then get on aviation. delays are forming their. if you are traveling in dundalk, an accident at north point charles grodin. a water main break in the city with closures related to it. another accident coming in on the eastern shore. westbound 50 is shut down at route 16. that is scheduled to be close until 6:00 a.m. as they continue
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their investigation there. let's see what is going on the rosburg expressway. this is a new camera. it is very exciting. if you are traveling near parkton, it is looking great. the entire harrisburg expressway is in great shape. a live view of the west side. building in volume just a little bit. no official delays to report. that is the latest. let's check the buses and trains. >> good morning. a few diversions on the buses right now. a 21 bus, due to water main break repair. it 30 minute delay on a 44 bus. metro subway is on time. and the trains a looking good as well. other lines are running on time.
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now back to tony pann. >> thank you. good morning, everyone. we are starting off fairly quiet this tuesday morning. we could have a couple of light showers in a few places today. nothing really of consequence. some of this could visit us over the next hour or so. it will push off the coast. we will have a dry day and get sunshine this afternoon. early this morning, a chance for a passing shower. this is being triggered by a service boundaries called to our north. a summer-like air mass that we are in right now. that the dividing line is triggering some showers and thunderstorms. most of the activity is north and northwest of us. most of it will stay north of us during the day today. as the storm passes by, the clouds will break up, and we will get sunshine this
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afternoon. we have some cloud cover for now. it will hold back the heating a little bit this morning. we will jump right back into the mid 80's later. 65 degrees downtown loop. -- downtown. clouds and sunshine. klaus this morning. a chance for a shower early in the -- klauclouds this morning. a chance for a shower early on. sunshine in the afternoon. more of the same is expected for wednesday. high pressure is in control. temperatures expected to be in the upper 80's. some thunderstorms will catch up to us later. 85 today. 86 tomorrow. 80 on thursday. thunderstorms late afternoon with a cold front.
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a chance for showers on friday. 40% chance. it will be much cooler. a high near 60 degrees. a dry weekend on saturday and sunday. >> if you are taking to the skies this summer, breed prepared to dish out more for the ride. few -- be prepared to dish out more for the ride. the prices are increasing. then you have to attack on the baggage fees. to save some money, shop early, consider booking a flight with a layover. and watch out for certain dates. how is apple fairing for the release for ipad. 30,000 more than the iphone were purchased.
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their challenge is to move beyond its core audience. most owners won't other apple products such as the mac, iphone or ipod. >> toyota runs into more problems here and overseas. we have the business news in the bloomberg business report. >> good morning. stock futures pretty flat. a little lower for the start today. yesterday, stocks rose to fresh highs. we are inching our way to 11,000. job growth in march showing the economy recovering. more sticky gas pedals for toyota. they are recalling 13,000 camry's andlex lexus sedans.
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one person says toyota waited several months before telling the government of the problems. secretary lahood wants a fine of $16.5 million. that is the most the government can find. some say this should be one of multiple fines. they may face the government in court. a new study shows blonde women make more money. 13,000 were trapped. a paper says they have wealthier husbands. research does not explain why they have this economic advantage, or if it will still hold in other countries. i am reporting for wbal tv 11 news.
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>> does that mean you are loaded? >> i am afraid not. >> i figured i would get that response. thanks. we will see you back here for your next report. >> pending home sales in baltimore city matched or exceeded the national average for february. there are a number of reasons for the spike, including more investors getting back in the game and the $8,000 first-time homebuyers credit. >> making that purchase and put it off to august or september, they are trying to get it in now. it is a good change that we have not seen in a couple of years. >> most realtors feel the numbers will be as good or better for march and april, as
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the first-time homebuyers credit expires april 30, unless it is extended. >> that is good news. coming up, we get another ligature morning commute with traffic and weather together. >> we will introduce you to one man who has to defend his title.
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>> in maryland and year-old holds the record for stacking. >> he goes to denver -- a maryland a 10 year-old holds the record for stacking. >> he goes to denver to continue to compete. >> he has become a master
5:26 am
sacker. s tacker -- stacker. >> the first time i tried, it was hard for me. >> he went from eighth dvd to a world record -- a dvd to a world record all over youtube. >> it felt good. i was very excited. i am going to denver. >> he will compete over the weekend. at first, his parents did not know what to make of his new hobby, which quickly became a sport. >> we are very proud of him. to this day, he does n really recognize it. >> his mother says stacking has been therapy. >> before the cups, he had some
5:27 am
anxiety. we tried to give him something that would keep him calm keep him focused, keep his mind on what he needs to be doing. >> he got his first set of stacking cups. >> he would sit there for hours playing. some would say, aren't you tired of them yet? >> even the world record holder has time to pass on tips to a rookie. for someone who has not done it before, do you have any advice? >> just practice. >> tim tooten, wbal-tv. >> we did not get a chance to see tim try. that was amazing. >> his hands were moving so fast.
5:28 am
>> good luck in denver. [unintelligible] here is what is coming up in the next half-hour of 11 news today. >> lawmakers need to work as fast as he did with those stacking cups. they have only one week to go and a lot of bills on the table. details are next. >> i am tony pann. get ready for summer-like temperatures over the next couple of days. >> a problem coming in of the harrisburg expressway. police activity near mount ca
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